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Budget Tax Depreciation guarantee the best price for a full inspection report, if you have been quoted a cheaper price then we will match it ! Why pay up to $750.00 for a Tax Depreciation Schedule when you can get the same report from our low price of $495.00 incl GST.

We are registered tax agents with the Tax Practitioners board, members of the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors and guarantee that we can find enough depreciation in the first full tax year to cover our fee and more!

Have you just purchased a new residential investment property? If so, have you organised your tax depreciation report? Call us now, as you will be paying too much tax when you don’t need to! Contact us today and receive a nice surprise when you receive your tax refund!

Fast turnaround and affordable tax depreciation schedules, are you in need of Quantity Surveyor report quickly and don’t want to wait for up to 6 weeks ? on average we can turnaround your report in less than 7 working days. So if you are in need for a Tax Depreciation report to make your accountant happy, call us today !



Our area of expertise is tax depreciation. We have the local knowledge and skills to ensure your schedules are accurate. Our local qualified inspector will provide you with the most comprehensive inspections, and schedules that will maximise your end of year financial returns.


Owning rental property can be very profitable as you well know. At the same time, if you do not take full advantage of every deduction available, you can end up paying far too much in taxes at the end of the year. At Budget Tax Depreciation, our specialists have only one goal in mind: to help you realise all property tax deductions available to you. In doing this, we can help you receive a healthy refund at the end of the year, instead of having to pay more taxes.

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When using our services, you will find that all our apartment and house depreciation schedule/s are prepared only after a full inspection has been undertaken. You will receive detailed tax depreciation reports from Queensland’s best value Quantity Surveyors!

We also provide accounting services for tax deprecation.

What’s Included in Our Residential Tax Depreciation Schedules:

What’s Included:

  • A detailed six page schedule that clearly shows how we came to our conclusion. Some companies claim to have 20 pages, but you don’t need this, all the figures you require are normally on just two pages.
  • All plant and equipment reports will contain an automatic write of $300.00. (Previous lived in will not apply)
  • All plant and equipment reports falling within the $1000.00 threshold will have low value pooling utilised
  • Residential tax depreciation schedules will be simple to read
  • Two summary pages showing straight line and diminishing methods. You select the best results when you lodge your tax return.



When you want the very best, contact Budget Tax Depreciation. Let us show you how we can not only save you money on your taxes, but get you a healthy refund at the end of the year.

We provide Tax Depreciation Schedule services to: Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich, Springfield Lakes and North Lakes.


Erika from Kelvin Grove
We bought our investment property, a Queenslander, 5 years previously and at the time didnt get around to organising a Depreciation Schedule, our Accountant said it wasn’t worthwhile. His ideas was that because the house was old, there would be no depreciation left to claim. After discussions with Budget Tax Depreciation we decided to go ahead and get one done anyway. We were nicely surprised; our house which was over 80 years old still had $26,000 of depreciable costs to claim back. What our accountant didn’t realise was that the previous owners had done some major renovations prior to us purchasing the house, the inspector who looked after the initial inspection noted this down and allocated the capital improvements to us. We cant praise enough the expertise of Budget Tax Depreciation and we gladly recommend them.