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New Tax Depreciation Rules – 2017

As at Wednesday the 15th of November 2017, the new Treasury laws amendment ( Housing Tax Integrity ) Bill 2017, owners of second-hand residential properties ( where contracts were exchanged after 7.30pm on the 9th of May 2017 ) will be no longer able to claim depreciation on Plant and Equipment assets, ie carpet, window […]

Tax Depreciation and Dual Key Properties

Dual key properties seem to be a new and popular investment house design that have increased in popularity. They are also a cost effective way to increase your rental yield and maximise tax deductions that you can claim every year. Why are they a better option ? 1. You are effectively paying around $50,000-$60,000 for an extra […]

Motel and Hotel Tax Depreciation

Motel and Hotel Tax Depreciation Owning a Motel or Hotel can be very profitable but hard work, a good way to increase your profit and cash flow is to employ a Quantity Surveyor to prepare a Tax Depreciation Schedule for your business.  Motels and Hotels are usually sold as a business with a lease attached, […]

Budget Tax Depreciation are now a registered Tax Agent

Did you know that all companies providing a Tax Depreciation Schedule service have to be a registered Tax Agent? What does this mean? Well from the 1st of March 2010, the Tax Practitioners Board, widened their scope of what constituted “providing a Tax Agent Service” which included, Quantity Surveyors producing Tax Depreciation Schedules. The new legislation was created […]

How much depreciation can I claim on a new house ?

Have you always wondered how much depreciation or tax deductions you could claim back ? It really depends on the type of house, location, size etc but it is always based on the construction cost to build, you cannot claim on land, developers profit, demolition or bulk excavation . If its a new house in […]

Brisbane housing has boomed in the last 10 years

Brisbane is the place to be, but people aren’t living where you may think, new population figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics reveal. The data, which captures a decade of change to 2011, reveals the Greater Brisbane Region, which excludes the Gold and Sunshine coasts, increased by 25 per cent (432,300 people) and was […]

Property Developing 101

For property developers during the halcyon days before the Global Financial Crisis it was easy to make money, everything they touched turned to gold . However post GFC it is a lot more harder to make money and you have to be extremely careful how you go about it . Developers building speculative houses, ”houses that […]

ARE the ASIC, scam and swindlers themselves ?

If you have a company in Australia, everyone has to be registered under the regulatory body of the ASIC, The Australian and Securities Commission . There has been a lot of talk in the news recently about scammers targeting investors with flash websites and good sales pitches but it has come to my attention that […]

Any Time You Own a Rental Property a Tax Depreciation Schedule Is Necessary

If you have a property that you are renting out or leasing, and this property is producing income, it is a good idea to employ a Quantity Surveyor to produce a tax depreciation schedule. Whilst it is not a mandatory requirement, you will find that the benefits far outweigh the costs. Business Tax Depreciation Schedules […]

Building In Queensland, difference’s between Australia and New Zealand, Part 2

In my last column I briefly talked about the differences in building at the pre-construction stage, I will now talk more about specific construction and the differences between the two countries. Both countries are predominately light timber frame construction for residential housing, the methodologies are almost identical with a few differences that can catch out […]