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ARE the ASIC, scam and swindlers themselves ?

If you have a company in Australia, everyone has to be registered under the regulatory body of the ASIC, The Australian and Securities Commission . There has been a lot of talk in the news recently about scammers targeting investors with flash websites and good sales pitches but it has come to my attention that the ASIC are ripping of small businesses themselves . Why do I say that ? If you have a company every year you have to pay an annual company statement review fee of $226.50 every year, do you actually know what this money is for ? review of what ? what if you haven’t changed anything for the entire year ? do you get any benefit from the ASIC for this ? No Iam afraid not, what about if you late in paying this ? straight away you will get hit with a $69.00 late payment fee, what about if you are another month late ? Bang! another $218.00 late payment fee !

Excuse me, but isn’t there some Government legislation that tells you cant apply any fees that are more than the actual costs of remedy the problem ? does it actually¬†cost $218.00 to send out a late payment letter ? Now if you think this is bad, wait until you try to change your address ! . Do this online yourself and save the extra work for ASIC employing staff to answer your phone calls, guess what ? they charge you $287.00 to change your address ! What ? I have just done it online myself and they send you and invoice for the privilege ?

Scam ? rip off ? It is definently my opinion that this is !


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